Rolling Rankings for M/F-20

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Mar 17, 2018
The 2018 JWOC Rankings will be calculated the same way as the Orienteering USA 12-month Rolling Rankings for the F-20/F-21 and/or M-20/M-21 categories, including Orienteering USA sanctioned races within the Selection Period As in 2017, for races in which a U.S. junior runs in the F-21+ or M-21+ category, the ranking score will be taken as isfrom that category. As in previous years, the JWOC Rankings will include Canada Cup (Canadian national event) F/W17-20 and M17-20 races in which at least one U.S. junior competed. Per the Canadian event schedule, the only Canada Cup events during the 2018 JWOC Selection Period were the Canadian and Eastern Canadian Championships held in July/August 2017 near Ottawa and Montreal (results). Also as in previous years, JWOC Trials races will not be included in the calculation of JWOC Ranking Scores. The JWOC Ranking points for each JWOC-eligible orienteer will be calculated as the average of his/her four (4) best individual JWOC Rankings race scores, similar to the way that Orienteering USA Rolling Rankings points are calculated. However, unlike the Orienteering USA rankings, a JWOC-eligible orienteer with fewer than four ranked races will have a valid JWOC Ranking Score, but it will be equal to the total of his/her individual race scores divided by four (4).
Valerie Meyer

Nov 17, 2017
Note to self - 2017 JWOC Team Trials held April 28-30, 2017.
Valerie Meyer

Apr 25, 2016
JWOC Team Trials were held at West Point April 23-24.
Valerie Meyer

Apr 07, 2014
Rankings to include the Flying Pig results have been posted.
Valerie Meyer

Apr 02, 2013
In reviewing these JWOC Rankings, please keep in mind that athletes with high scores, but fewer than 4 races, will be listed below those with 4 or more races. While not in the "ranked" section, they should still be considered serious contenders, who may be planning to run in events remaining in the Selection Period, or to seek 2013 JWOC Team selection by petition.

JWOC Rankings differ from the F-20 and M-20 rankings found in the 12-Month Rolling Rankings, as follows:
• Only orienteers born in 1993 or later, who are members of US clubs, and who have raced in the F-20 and M-20 categories, are listed n the JWOC rankings.
• Only races within the 2013 JWOC Selection Period (4/8/2012-4/7/2013) are included in the JWOC Rankings.
• High School Varsity Male and Female categories at the US Interscholastic Championship races, are included in the F-20 and M-20 JWOC rankings; they are not, however, included in the Rolling Rankings, or in the end-of-year rankings.
• College Varsity Male and Female categories at the US Intercollegiate Championship races are included in both the F-20 and M-20 JWOC rankings, and the Rolling Rankings, for participants born in 1993 or later.

2013 JWOC Selection Criteria
As in past years, selection of the team to represent the USA at the 2013 Junior World Orienteering Championships in Hradec Králové, Czech Republic (JWOC2013 website) will be based upon F-20 (Green) and M-20 (Red) rankings for a 12-month Selection Period. The 2013 Selection Period includes all Orienteering USA-sanctioned A-event races between April 8, 2012, and April 7, 2013.
In order to be automatically considered for the 2013 JWOC Team a ranking score of at least 75 points, based on at least four A-event races during the Selection Period, will be required.
Those who wish to be considered for the 2013 JWOC Team, but who do not meet the 75 point minimum, do not have 4 or more races, and/or believe that their ranking score does not accurately reflect their qualifications, are encouraged to petition the Selections Committee for an exception. In your petition, please include the following:
1. Explanation of why you would like to compete in JWOC this year.
2. Evidence of past results and current training that demonstrate you are prepared to be on the US JWOC Team.
3. Description of how you will train, leading up to JWOC, so that you are as prepared as possible.

You are encouraged to submit your petition prior to the end of the Selection Period, if possible. No petitions, however, will be accepted more than 5 days after Final 2013 JWOC Rankings are posted here. Petitions may be submitted to Erin Schirm (emschirm AT, Barb Bryant (junior_admin AT, or Guy Olsen (GuyPOlsen AT

The final event races of the 2013 JWOC Selection Period will be those of Flying Pig XVII (OCIN), which will take place April 5-7, 2013.

Good luck to all aspiring 2013 JWOC Team members!

Guy Olsen
Chair, Junior Team Executive Steering Committee (JTESC)